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I am a teacher, writer, composer, leader of prayer
and singer. At the heart of my work
is trust in the transformative power of prayer and
text study, and music as way to support these.

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(Sheet music)

Every piece of music I write is deeply wedded to text, its meaning and kavanah (prayerful intention), so with every piece, I include an essay that shares ideas about the meaning of the words within Jewish tradition, as well as refreshing ways into prayer, text and Judaism.

Congregational melodies, choral pieces, solos, nigunim, chants, and rounds - for Kabbalat Shabbat, Shabbat morning, Havdalah, weekdays, davennen, weddings, simchas, High Holy Days, healing services, memorial and Yizkor services, Shavuot, conversion, parashot, interfaith, peace, and more ...

As well as there being two anthologies of new tunes (melody and chords), many of these have been arranged as individual pieces of sheet music with full piano parts, choral combinations (2 part, SATB, SSAA, TTBB), and duets.

New pieces are coming out all the time, and I often write a piece in response to a specific request, 
a moment in the cycle of the Jewish liturgical year, a lifecycle event, or an occasion in the life of a community.

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Lyrics, individual commentaries / essays on every composition and its text; poems, articles; a brand new translation of the full Shema text, expanded into a 21st century midrash that uncovers layers of meaning from wordplay in the original Hebrew, cross-references in Torah, Talmud and other Rabbinic sources, and a rich range of ideas drawn from Jewish and non-Jewish writers up to the present day, including extensive new commentary.

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Performances, talks, Making Sacred Space (music & creative liturgy workshops), shabbatons, singing workshops for choirs and congregations ...

1 Apr 2014
Songs to accompany a talk on the Thornflower by sculptor Charlotte Mayer
(with Emma Pooley, soprano)
Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ) Oxford

5 Mar 2014
Shir Shiur ('song study') -
how do you set words to music?

Talk with live musical illustrations
for University of the Third Age

23 Feb 2014
Jewish Music Fair

Making Music Holy –

Connecting Text, Prayer and Music
How can new music illuminate text, enhance prayer, honour tradition and the search for holiness, and be accessible? Talk, with live examples of Alexander’s music, and a little singing along.

Introducing New British Music
(with Judith Silver & David Hoffman)

26 Jan 2014
Sermon for Yom HaShoah
(Holocaust Memorial Day)
Harris Manchester College, Oxford
Sermon on Psalm 87 [download]
Singing 'Holy Mountain' (Ps 87)
and world première of
'I lift my eyes' (Ps 121) [download]

22-26 Dec 2013
Limmud UK

  • Receiving the blessings of Y’varech’cha Adonai (Sun 12:00)
  • Prayer, text and music - What’s hidden in the prayers we thought we knew? (Mon 13:30)
  • The New British Jewish Songbook (Mon 14:50)
  • Making music holy (prayer, text, & music) – the challenge of creating new synagogue music (Tue 10:40)
  • Sing a New Song – group singing workshop (Tue 13:30)

4 Dec 2013
The plight of sacred music:
the blight of the mundane
Talk for the Institute of Composing at Club Inégales (London) with panel discussion, alongside Rolf Hind, Michael Berkeley, Stef Connor

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